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When you want to enjoy loans without late fees and rates that never go up in the Missouri area, you want the assistance of Fair.Simple.Loans. Your knee-jerk reaction is: "There must be a catch." Well, at Fair.Simple.Loans, there plain and simply isn't. We can calculate exactly what your loan will cost you, no matter the circumstance, and you will receive it at unbelievably low rates. Please feel free to explore the internet and other online loan providers; you won't find rates as low as ours, and we'll be ready to assist you whenever you're satisfied. Let us help you get back on track!

We provide:

Our benefits include:

  • Zero late fees
  • Your APR will not change (260%)
  • APRs offered by other lenders range from 390-1000%
  • No hidden costs or extra/additional fees
  • Fast processing/receive money in minutes
  • We're here to help you through whatever financial issues you're experiencing

To take advantage of our services for short term and payday loans, please contact us at Fair.Simple.Loans, today!


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We Charge No Late Fees.

Our Interest Rate Never Changes.

We Provide Fair, Fast and Simple Service.

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Short Term Loans


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